WB First Cut Teachers Train in the Art of Filmmaking

The Next Great Storytellers  / Posted on December 16, 2019

Teachers from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LA Unified) spent time at Warner Bros. enhancing their filmmaking skills as they prepare for season three of WB First Cut. As WB prepares to launch season three of the program, LAUSD teachers were invited to the Burbank studio lot for training to enhance their filmmaking skills. During this upcoming season, 26 teachers will be bringing the program to 18 participating schools across the district.

WB First Cut is a program developed in collaboration with nonprofit Ghetto Film School (GFS) and LA Unified to provide high school students with the opportunity to learn high-quality filmmaking skills right in the classroom. Following a curriculum developed by GFS, teachers are able to guide their students through lessons on filmmaking terms and methods, as well as a hands-on experience with filming and editing.

This program really breaks down hierarchies. It gives students access and encourages their potential to take risks and build their confidence.
WB First Cut Teacher

During the trainings, Ghetto Film School facilitators led new and returning teachers through workshops and filming exercises. In each learning session, teachers were able to refresh their filmmaking knowledge and take part in engaging discussions with their fellow participants. Teachers reviewed everything from cinematography vocabulary to the importance of creating a detailed shot list while filming. During one session, new teachers were given the opportunity to test their skills by filming their own short video on the Warner Bros backlot. Following the shooting exercise, teachers were able to screen their films in one of WB’s iconic screening rooms.

Equipped with enhanced filmmaking knowledge, these teachers were eager to share their skills with their students as they kick off season three of WB First Cut. Last year over 300 student films were produced in WB First Cut, and now we are excited to see what films will be created during this upcoming season.

As a company, Warner Bros. believes in the power of story. With WB First Cut, we aim to provide the next generation of storytellers with the skills they need to thrive as filmmakers outside the classroom. To learn more about WB First Cut visit the Next Great Storytellers page.