Season 3 of WB Story Lab Kicks Off with L.A. Unified Teachers

The Next Great Storytellers  / Posted on September 17, 2019

Warner Bros. strives to provide the next generation with the tools need to share their unique perspective with the world. Through WB Story Lab, 31 teachers from the Los Angeles Unified School District (L.A. Unified) joined us at the Warner Bros. Studio Lot so they too can become part of empowering the next great storytellers.

WB Story Lab, a superhero inspired program for sixth-grade students, was created to help foster student engagement and empower young people to realize the power of their voices. The program curriculum reinforces the core values of storytelling—confidence, empathy, and creativity.  Participating students will have created their own autobiographical superhero stories and comic books by the end of the semester.

At the training, Young Storytellers, our program partner and curriculum developer, dove deep into the curriculum; including comic book story structure and tips on how best to create supportive peer environments and engage students in creative expression.

Facilitators introduced teachers to a new component of the curriculum this season—Social Emotional Learning. With this addition, educators can help their students acquire the necessary skills to better understand and manage their own social behaviors as they reflect on personal experiences throughout this program. Additionally, artist Ruben Procopio, known for his sculpting and animation work on projects such as Beauty and the Beast and “Batman ’66,” introduced teachers to the world of illustration and guided them through a lesson on how to draw comic-book characters of their own.

These training sessions were developed to give teachers the opportunity to discuss and plan how they can adjust the curriculum to fit the needs of their students and the culture of their classrooms. By the end of day two, teachers had created their own superhero stories and were eager to start the school year and share this program with their students.

Perhaps I am most eager to see how the children transform their life experiences and challenges into something creative for others to view
Robert Calzada, a participating Story Lab teacher

As season three of WB Story Lab is underway at participating L.A. Unified schools, we’re excited to see what unique stories students share at the end of this program. Find out more about WB Story Lab and our initiative to empower young storytellers by visiting our Next Great Storytellers page.

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