Choosing to Reuse with Warner Bros.’ Encore Program: A 2019 Review

Making Stories Sustainably  / Posted on January 15, 2020

Warner Bros. worked with 66 nonprofits in 13 cities across three countries as a part of WB’s Encore program in 2019. For over 30 years, Warner Bros. has been committed to our environmental efforts through programs, like Encore, that allow us to support the needs of communities in which we work and film—while also protecting our planet.

Encore is Warner Bros.’ food and material reuse program designed to connect WB with local community partners to donate surplus items from our food services, productions and departments. Since 1995, This program has enabled productions and corporate departments to donate a range of items—including construction supplies, clothing and food—to local nonprofits in the area. Check out a few highlights from the program in 2019 down below.


To learn more about the program and other ways in which WB is committing to sustainability, visit our Making Stories Sustainably page.