Warner Bros. Partners With Auticon

Community Engagement  / Posted on March 27, 2019

At Warner Bros., we strive to provide opportunities to those who haven’t had traditional pathways into the entertainment industry. WB Technology recently partnered with social enterprise, auticon to engage individuals on the autism spectrum in advanced technology projects for Warner Bros. applications.

Auticon is a global technology service provider that exclusively employs individuals on the autism spectrum as technology consultants. Their mission is to drive social change by creating careers in advanced technology for people with autism, increasing their independence and improving their quality of life. Auticon’s motto explains, “autism isn’t a processing error, it’s a different operating system.”

Auticon employees working for Warner Bros. are supported by job coaches and have worked on a variety of enterprise and consumer-facing products for the company. As a result of the partnership, auticon professionals have provided our technology group with valuable services and support.

Learn more about auticon and the services they provide.