WB Access to Action

Changing the Narrative  / Posted on June 29, 2018

At Warner Bros., we are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion throughout our workforce.  We believe new voices, experiences and viewpoints lead to the best stories that are reflective and representative of our diverse audiences.

In 2017, we launched WB Access to Action, a program that provides opportunities to those who haven’t traditionally had pathways into the entertainment industry.  The program fosters a more creative and inclusive workforce through Production Assistant (PA) jobs on our television and film productions.

To identify top talent from local communities, we partner with NOVAC, a non-profit organization that empowers storytellers with creative, educational and economic opportunities.  We work with each production to create an individualized plan that best suits the needs of the show, including determining the number of PAs needed, the length of the job and the type of experience required.  Through this partnership, WB Access to Action is addressing the growing industry need to expand the pool of skilled crew members available to television and film productions.

In its inaugural season, WB Access to Action successfully placed 16 individuals interested in careers in television and film production onto seven Warner Bros. shows, across three cities.  The PAs were sourced from local job-training programs, community colleges and nonprofit organizations focused on workforce development.

We are thrilled to offer a jumping off point for these individuals.  Together, we are changing the narrative.