Emerging Talent from across Los Angeles Visit the WB Lot

Changing the Narrative  / Posted on October 2, 2019

Warner Bros. welcomed Evolve Entertainment Fund, a career-driven initiative run by the LA Mayor’s Office, to our Burbank studios for an educational experience that gave participants an inside look at various aspects of the entertainment industry. Students had the opportunity to tour the lot and hear from a panel of industry professionals during their visit. We are grateful to have hosted this special day dedicated to the emerging voices and talent from Evolve Entertainment Fund.

The day kicked off with a behind-the-scenes look of the WB studio and backlot. Students visited the WB Archive Museum and viewed props and costumes from some of the studio’s film such as Aquaman. Participants also had the opportunity to tour the Shameless set—seeing first-hand the production work that goes into creating the long-running drama. After stepping foot on popular sets from the show, including the “Alibi Room,” the group then gathered for a special industry panel with key crew members of Shameless. Students were able to hear from those directly involved with the show’s production, including Michael Hissrich, Executive Producer; Nina Ruscio, Production Designer; Anthony Hardwick, Director of Photography; and Terri Murphy, Producer.

During the panel, the Shameless crew members lead an honest discussion about career decisions and their paths into the entertainment industry and union. The panel also discussed taking on different roles at the start of their careers and stressed the importance of learning from each one.

You’re going to end up usually picking one direction to go, but the more you know about everything, the better you can be at the job that you do.
Anthony Hardwick, Director of Photography for Shameless

By the end of the visit, students were inspired to pursue their career ambitions as they reflected on the events of the day.

WB hopes to change the narrative of this industry by making an impact through initiatives and collaborations. We’re proud to engage with groups like the Evolve Entertainment Fund to create access and opportunities to those who haven’t had traditional pathways into the entertainment industry. Learn more about our partnerships and initiatives that support our efforts to tell stories that are reflective of our audiences by visiting our Changing the Narrative page.

  • industry-panel-shameless-crew-members Panel discussion with crew members from Shameless. (L to R) Terri Murphy, Anthony Hardwick, Michael Hissrich and Nina Ruscio
  • michael-hissrich-ep-shameless Students given a tour of the Shameless sets by Michael Hissrich, Executive Producer.
  • panel-shameless-crew-members (L to R) Terri Murphy, Producer; Anthony Hardwick, Director of Photography; and Michael Hissrich, Executive Producer