Celebrating the Female Voices Behind-the-Scenes of TV + Film Productions

Changing the Narrative  / Posted on March 8, 2020

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight a few women who’ve worked as Production Assistants (PAs) behind-the-scenes on Warner Bros. film and TV productions shared their experience on set and in the entertainment industry.

Being a PA is no easy job. It requires dedication, determination and drive. All three of which Sharon Washington, Molly Silver and Rebecca Garcia possess. To each, being a PA isn’t just a job—it’s a hands-on learning opportunity that helped them discover the ins-and-outs of production. As alumni and current participants of WB Access to Action, each of these women are using the experience they gained as PAs within the program as a stepping-stone for their future careers.


PA positions are known for their challenging work, but these women have seen that they have a community standing with them. “Being able to watch women in all levels [of production] inspired me to continue to work hard toward my goals,” said Washington. When women see other women in production roles, it empowers them to pursue their career aspirations.


By highlighting more women working behind-the-scenes on set, we’re able to show future generations of female storytellers that there’s opportunities within the industry in areas that they might not have thought of before.


Warner Bros. Access to Action provides Production Assistant (PA) jobs to individuals who have not had traditional pathways into the entertainment industry. Participants gain hands-on set experience, are given the opportunity to network with industry professionals and receive coaching and skills training to help them thrive on set. Since the program’s inception in 2017, more than 60 production assistants have been placed in seven cities on 18 Warner Bros. television and film productions.