Celebrating the Batman of Local Communities with DC and Boys & Girls Club of America

Cause Marketing  / Posted on December 17, 2019

As the end of the year is quickly approaching, at Warner Bros. we’re looking back on some of the moments that made it extra special. One of those moments was a partnership between DC and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. This year DC and Warner Bros. celebrated the Dark Knight’s 80-year anniversary and to honor his legacy DC joined forces with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to shine a light on those who stand up for positive change – just like Batman.

Batman has stood as a symbol of courage, bravery and perseverance, protecting others in times of need. In light of this, we are identifying and celebrating those individuals who best exemplify what it means to be committed to the mission of Boys & Girls Clubs
Jim Clark, President and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Boys & Girls Clubs of America and DC came together to celebrate the important work of Youth Development Professionals (YDP) across Boys & Girls Clubs—considered to be the superheroes of their own community. Finalists were from Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County, Boys & Girls Club of Dundee Township, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas and Boys & Girls Club of Venice. The YDP MVP award winner was Mario Lamarre from Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro South (Brockton, MA). During the YDP MVP celebration, over 300 kids and teens from Brockton and Taunton, Massachusetts gathered with Club leadership and Mario’s family to celebrate his big moment.

In addition to the celebrating YDP’s, 30 Boys & Girls Clubs across the country celebrated members of their Club community who represent attributes Batman has embodied for over 80 years. Boys & Girls Clubs across the country celebrated Batman Day by nominating the Batman of their community for their exceptional attributes that make them inspiring leaders at their local Clubs. As determined by each Club, they chose exemplary teen members, younger Club members, Jr. Staff, Unit Directors and Youth Development Instructors. Club’s Batman varied, but they all had one thing in common – they were all leaders who clearly represented the qualities and characteristics Batman has always embodied.

At the local level, Boys & Girls Clubs of Burbank and Greater East Valley nominated Sage, a youth Club member who has been at her Club for the past five years. Sage has been involved in multiple programs at her Club and was recognized for her bravery to step outside of her comfort zone and her passion to help others—just like DC’s Caped Crusader. Over at Boys & Girls Club of Venice, Dyno was another youth nominee recognized in his community. Dyno is known for mentoring younger Club members and for his positive attitude that spreads to those around him. By cultivating a Batman in Club communities who stands for positive change, like Sage and Dyno, Clubs were able to reinforce qualities like determination, perseverance, courage, integrity and bravery. Warner Bros. employees joined in on the fun by collecting schools supplies and 100 Batman backpacks which were then donated to Boys & Girls Club of Burbank and Greater East Valley.

As the world joined forces for a global celebration on Batman Day, many WB employees joined the fun and took part in the Batman Run here in Los Angeles. Boys & Girls Club of Venice got a special shout out at the run in LA as they honored their Batman—Dyno. Later that evening, with his Club community supporting, Dyno had the honor of lighting the Bat-Signal on behalf of his LA community.

Warner Bros. is thankful for all those who embody Batman every day in their neighborhoods. It’s individuals like these that help bring our communities together to create positive change. To stay updated on what WB is doing in and around our community, check out our Good News section.