Warner Bros. Honored for Studio-Wide Sustainable Practices

Awards & Reports  / Posted on November 27, 2019

Warner Bros. was honored with the Green Spotlight Award by the Sustainable Burbank Commission for our company-wide sustainability efforts. The Commission acknowledged WB’s longstanding commitment to the environment and our ongoing sustainability practices such as our energy projects and waste reduction programs. The Sustainable Burbank Commission’s Green Spotlight Award recognizes Burbank residents, organizations, and businesses that serve as role models for sustainability within the city.

When companies mandate sustainable product sourcing or clean energy or water conservation, they have an impact no individual can achieve.
Vicki Kirschenbaum, Sustainable Burbank Commissioner

It was a privilege for WB to be recognized in this way, having been an advocate for sustainability for over thirty years. Green Production is our global initiative of implementing sustainable practices across our feature film and television productions. Within this larger initiative, we are focused on energy conservation, green building, waste reduction, procurement and reuse. At WB we hope to ensure that our sustainability efforts continue to progress company-wide with the goal of establishing environmentally-friendly practices as a standard in the entertainment industry.

The Sustainable Burbank Commission was originally formed as the Sustainable Burbank Task Force in 2008 by the City Council as an advisory committee to help engage the community in various public education, outreach and promotional activities. With reports coming in daily of the need for corporations and communities to adopt environmentally-friendly habits, the Commission is continuing to advocate for that need at the local level here in Burbank.

To learn more about all the ways WB is incorporating sustainability into our business practices, such as our recent single-use plastic water bottle initiative, visit our Making Stories Sustainably page.